If you are interested to see how we print our garments here at Stork Workwear, please watch our video below, this video shows us printing vinyl to a garment, but the process is the same for most heat applied printing.

We can print on most garments, bags, caps, dog rugs or Hi Viz vests and we can print any logo or text and even pictures.

Printing is really useful when your image or logo is very intricate or you need a larger sized logo printed and still keep the fabric light and easy to wear instead of embroidery for large logos as this can add a lot of extra weight to a garment and in turn extra cost as well as most logos for embroidery are priced as to how many stitches they are so print can be a great alternative.

Its also really useful to print on waterproof garments as it doesn’t affect or impair the waterproof capabilities of a coat.

Printing does need to be cared for so you will need to wash your garments at ideally 40 degree wash or lower and not use a tumble dryer and iron your garment inside out.  As we use a Heat press to adhere the design onto the garment any heat may damage the print over time; although that said if the garment is cared for properly the vinyl or transfer will last a lifetime and even longer than the garment itself.

The key for any good printing is to first have a good image – this is why we ask for a vectored format of the logo which ultimately means it doesn’t have any fuzzy edges and is clear, sharp and bright.  Most workwear companies can do that for you, some may charge but once its done its yours for life and can be used and colours altered time and time again and most set ups will be between £10-£25.00 as an one off fee.   If you have your logo already designed the likelihood is that you already have a file we can use, your designer can help but its most likely to be a .ai or .eps file. (Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw)  If you don’t have these files don’t panic a vectored file can still be created even from a photo on your mobile.

Then to get a good quality print the heat press used is also important, the heat press needs to be able to heat up to a constant temperature (usually 150 degrees) and give a good even press on its Platen.  We use a Hotronix Fusion IQ Heat Press which gives a great finish and we have several different sized plates to put on it which allows us to print face masks, caps (we have a separate press for caps), sleeves, backs and bags etc.

Most common way to print for text and single or two colours is Vinyl – this is  great affordable option and gives a lovely finish.  There are loads of different colour and texture options from Glitter, Reflective, Metallic look, Neon, glow in the dark and flock effect.

The other option we use is Transfer printing – this is done by a White toner printer (we use an Oki Pro 8432WT) this enables us to print any logos with gradient colours, unlimited colours and also small detail and pictures and has a great finish.  It isn’t heavy on the garment and will last wash after wash.

Other print options you may of heard of are Screen printing and DTG.

Screen printing is great when you have hundreds of garments to do and gives a good finish but for smaller amounts it is very costly as every colour has a different screen that needs to be applied and these all have set up charges – most screen print set up costs are around £90 which for large orders can be absorbed but smaller runs it doesn’t become financially viable.

DTG – Direct to Garment printing – this is becoming popular and in essence is a printer that has a tray for you to put your T shirt etc in and then prints direct to the garment – hence the name!  It gives great quality and the finish is very good but it really only works best on garments with a high cotton content so ideally 100% or 80% cotton so you are limited to the garments it can be used on.

We can offer all of these options for you and happy to advise the best option for you and give no obligation quotes and samples as well.

Hope this small quick guide helps, any questions though feel free to just ask.