Bamboo Dog Drying Coat


The premium Bamboo Drying Coat in Grey. Quickly dry your dog, in unrivalled comfort and warmth.

This dog coat can be personalised as well – why not have your dogs name embroidered onto it.

Guaranteed to become an everyday essential after a wet walk or bath. Before getting back in the car or house, easily slip the coat over their head and secure with the adjustable hood and belly strap for maximum coverage. They will be snug and dry in no time, whilst preventing wet dog shakes and stains.

Handmade in Britain to harness the drying power and comfort of sustainable bamboo. The twin layer design creates a fast-wicking, moisture management system that is super absorbent and breathable. The ultra-soft bamboo is naturally antibacterial & hypoallergenic, whilst absorbing 60% more moisture than traditional cotton.

  • Premium bamboo towelling
  • 60% more absorbent than cotton
  • Luxuriously soft, silky texture
  • Naturally antibacterial, helping to protect against skin irritation & reduced need for washing
  • A sustainable resource and one of the world’s fastest growing plants. Bamboo uses 1/3 of water compared to other plants, absorbs 35% more CO2 and can be cultivated naturally
  • Twin layer design, to create a fast-wicking, moisture management system that is super absorbent and breathable
  • Maximum coverage from adjustable hood & belly strap
  • Faux suede binding & signature NASH branding
  • Cotton drawstring storage bag

Fabric: 90% Bamboo, 10% Polyester

Washing: Machine washable (40°) and suitable to tumble dry (low temperature).

Size Guide


– To decide the right size for your dog, you firstly need to know their topline measurement . This is measured along their back from the base of their neck (in between their shoulder blades) to the base of their tail.

– Secondly, the girth is measured round the deepest part of the dogs chest

– Select a size based on the topline measurement. Then check the corresponding girth range for that size to see if appropriate. If the girth measurement you took is greater than the range show, choose a size bigger.

XXS 27 – 35 40 – 50 Small Terriers, Mini Dachshund
XS 35 – 40 50 – 62 Border Terrier, Pug
S 40 – 51 55 – 69 Cocker Spaniel, Whippet
M 51 – 58 62 – 78 Springer Spaniel, Small Labrador
L 58 – 68 69 – 87 Labrador, Pointer
XL 68 – 74 75 – 95 German Shepherd, Larger Retriever

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XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL


Navy, Forest, Red, Cambridge, Grey